The Faculty Self-Government Council


The Faculty Self-Government Council of the Faculty of Mechatronics is a group of students that strives to make life more pleasant and simpler for other students. We organise various outings with the main aim of integration, help solve problems with instructors, accommodate students in dormitories and organise additional training and cultural events that enable you to develop beyond the scope offered by your studies. 

Our activities are not only for leisure purposes. They include responsibilities such as participating in the Faculty Council and various Dean's Committees. 

As WRS, we are part of the Warsaw University of Technology Student Government, which has a huge influence on the operation of Warsaw University of Technology, and we have our delegates in the Warsaw University of Technology Student Parliament. 

Do you have any problems related to your studies or living in a student residence? Let us know. 

Do you have an idea for an event or action? We'll be happy to help you make it happen. Join us and get involved! 

Just want to have a chat? Come along to room 22 in the Department of Mechatronics. The door is always open for students!


Faculty Students Council for 2023:

ChairwomanJerzy Suski


Council members: Supporters:
  1. Oliwia Klara Borusiewicz
  2. Maciej Furmanek
  3. Wojciech Halber
  4. Karolina Litwa
  5. Izabela Łukasik
  6. Maciej Maciejewski
  7. Jakub Mantey
  8. Tomasz Myśliwy
  9. Paweł Szatan
  10. Angelika Szor
  11. Maria Tomaszek
  12. Harshit Verma
  13. Grzegorz Zając
  14. Mikołaj Zbaraski
  1. Maciej Abramowicz
  2. Mateusz Bieżyca
  3. Arkadiusz Chyliński
  4. Oliwia Cyranek
  5. Przemysław Dąbrowski
  6. Roksana Dębska
  7. Kacper Górka
  8. Aleksandra Grabowska
  9. Filip Malinowski
  10. Mikołaj Marcińczak
  11. Mikołaj Mróz
  12. Małgorzata Pytka
  13. Tomasz Sekuła
  14. Filip Sobisz
  15. Michał Sowalski
  16. Mikołaj Stasiak
  17. Gabriela Suska
  18. Aleksandra Syliwoniuk
  19. Paulina Szynert
  20. Patryk Tępiak
  21. Wojciech Wilk
  22. Jakub Żelazowski
  23. Maciej Klimek
  24. Hanna Konopacka
  25. Jakub Kozłowski
  26. Szymon Larwa
  27. Maciej Marcinkiewicz
  28. Filip Mąkolski
  29. Maria Muszyńska


Let us know should you have problems with the following areas:

Social affairs (including grants and benefits)

  • Angelika Szor – Council Member and a delegate for the Social Committee
  • Arkadiusz Chyliński – Council Member
  • Aleksandra Grabowska – Council Member
  • Szymon Larwa – Council Member
  • Jakub Mantey – Council Member


Accommodation affairs (dormitories)

  • Grzegorz Zając – delegate to the Accommodation Committee and Chairman of Faculty Accommodation Committee
  • Maciej Abramowicz – member of Faculty Self-Government Council
  • Wiktoria Kleszczyńska – member of Faculty Self-Government Council
  • Maciej Furmanek – member of Faculty Self-Government Council
  • Mikołaj Mróz – member of Faculty Self-Government Council


Didactic and legal affairs (rules and regulations)

  • vacancy – member of the Legal Committee
  • Paweł Szatan – delegate to the Didactic Committee


Should you have questions about other areas, place contact our delegates:

  • Jakub Mantey – delegate for the Parliament of the Students of PW
  • Oliwia Borusiewicz – delegate for the Financial-Economic Committee
  • Mikołaj Stasiak – delegate to the International Committee
  • Maciej Furmanek – delegate to the Culture Committee
  • Tomasz Sekuła – delegate to the Sports Committee
  • Mikołaj Zbaraski – delegate to the Promotion and Internal Cooperation Committee


Join us, the self-government is created by all PW students!

Do you want to join the Council? Here are some reasons for doing so:

  • You can create something new
  • You will learn to coordinate events
  • You meet new people and make new friends
  • You will see that while studying you can combine learning with having fun
  • You will help students with problems related to classes, credits, or non-compliance with regulations
  • You will meet the authorities of the Faculty and have the opportunity to work with them directly
  • And many, many more

You can also contact us via our Facebook and Instagram.