The Metrology and Biomedical Engineering Institute

The Metrology and Biomedical Engineering Institute conducts scientific and research projects related to the fields of microsystems and precise electronic parts, metrology - including measurement systems, mass, power electric, electronic, magnetic research, complicated measurement-diagnostic systems for long-distance pipelines, coordinate and size metrology, micro- and macrogeometry of industrial tomography surface, the methods and tools for screening tissue structures and electronic systems of guiding, modelling and analysis of processes and biological signals.

Its didactic activity includes education in the field of basic metrology, electronics and technology matters over the course of all fields of study executed as a part of the Faculty of Mechatronics and the specialist education as a part of first-degree specialisations and individualised education during tutor studies. The Metrology and Biomedical Engineering Institute features the following specialisations: Electronic Measurement Systems, Microtechnologies and Nanotechnologies, Coordinate Measurement Systems and Multimedia Techniques during the Mechatronics studies and Medical Devices during the Biomedical Engineering studies.

The Institute undertakes projects for industry in the fields of designing measurement systems, measurement and research services, providing expertises and advising.


Institute Structure:

  • Institute of Microtechnology and Nanotechnology
  • Institute of Biomedical Engineering
  • Institute of Medical and Industrial Electronics
  • Institute of Coordinate Metrology
  • Institute of Sensors and Measurement Sensors