Students and PhD students

We know that the first days at university can be difficult. Everything is new, different and unfamiliar. In order to make this time easier, we have prepared the Starter PW - an online guide that will help you get to know the Warsaw University of Technology, your rights and obligations as a student and our IT systems better. 

The course gathers the most necessary and important information about Warsaw University of Technology in one place - without searching, visiting many websites or asking questions. Importantly, the content has been prepared by people from the University of Technology (students and staff) who know our University very well and are experts in the topics they have developed.

The PW Starter is divided into four modules. Each of them is presented in two forms: interactive (these are scenes that make it easy to get into a situation) and descriptive (ebooks with collected information).

In module 1, you will find general information about PW, such as the structure, regular events, student rights and duties, dormitories or student activities outside of classes. Especially at the beginning, you may find the campus maps very useful.

Module 2 is dedicated to the USOSweb platform. It is a collection of information on how to check your timetable, register for classes, submit applications, fill in questionnaires, as well as where to check your credit history or the status of your accounts with the University.

Module 3 collects information about the LeON platform - what it is used for, what its interface looks like, how to search for materials and online courses and credit deadlines.

Also informative is Module 4. This is a guide to Microsoft services and software. It will help anyone entering PW to learn how to access and use Microsoft applications, the Azure service, student mail or other engineering licences. It also hints at which Microsoft applications are worth or necessary to use while studying at the University of Technology.

The PW Starter is available to those who start their first degree and ME studies at our University on 1 October.

The course can be found at the LeOn educational platform My courses –> PW Starter – Guide for new students.

Furthermore, as of today you may visit the Graduates tab to see what your professional career after Mechatronics may look like.