Scholarships, accommodation, support

Scholarships, accommodation, support

The students of the Faculty of Mechatronics can apply for various types of scholarships, opportunities for accommodation in Academic Houses or benefit from programmes supporting careers of women in technical fields. Warsaw University of Technology also provides support mechanisms for people with disabilities.


There is the “Żaczek” Dormitory within 300m of the Faculty (it offers more...)


The students of the Faculty of Mechatronics can apply for various scholarships and subsidies:

Scholarships from the Scholarship Fund:

  • social,
  • for the disabled,
  • from the Rector for academic results - also for the maturity exams!,
  • support for people in difficult situation

Scholarships from the Own Scholarship Fund

  • of the Senate of PW - granted to the students and PhD students for their scientific activity, 
  • for people travelling as a part of the ATHENS and ERASMUS programmes
  • Marian Kanton, PhD, BEng and Mieczysław Król, BEng - for students with high average results, meeting the requirements for granting social scholarship.

Scholarships of the Ministry of Education and Science – for the people with outstanding scholar or artistic results, connected with their studies, as well as for outstanding sports achievements.

Support for the disabled

PW supports the disabled via its Office for University Social Responsibility. More…

Women at PW

Although it may seem that the degree courses taught at the Faculty of Mechatronics are dominated by students, ladies make up more than 15% of the faculty community. They usually graduate with very good results and have successful careers both in industry and in research and development units. We invite all high school graduates and candidates to take a look at the pages supporting careers for women in technical fields. More: