Offer of the Faculty of Mechatronics


What do we do here?

The notion mechatronics was coined for the first time in 1969 in Japan and more or less denoted an electrified mechanism. The contemporary meaning denotes an area of engineering which combines mechanics, electronics, automatics and robotics, as well as IT. Mechatronics is considered one of the key areas of expertise in the ongoing 4.0 revolution, i.e. combination of automatics, data processing and exchange and manufacturing techniques.

Didactic offer

Faculty of Mechatronics offers studies at the following levels: 

  • 1st degree– ending with an engineer paper
  • 2nd degree – ending with a BEng paper
  • 3rd degree – as a part of PW PhD schools
  • post-diploma – an opportunity to advance one’s qualifications.

Distinctions and awards

Warsaw University of Technology is a leading educational unit in Poland. Its quality of education is annually confirmed by numerous ranks and awards gained. Education courses at the University acquire numerous distinctions every year and are placed at the top of renowned rankings. Our students and graduates boast a myriad of contests won and awards gained.


The graduates of the Faculty of Mechatronics find employment opportunities in a number of branches of industry and science, as well as in their own startups.

Scholarships, accommodation, support

The students of the Faculty of Mechatronics can apply for various types of scholarships, opportunities for accommodation in Academic Houses or benefit from programmes supporting careers of women in technical fields. Warsaw University of Technology also provides support mechanisms for people with disabilities.


The Faculty of Mechatronics traces its history back to 1962 (i.e. 7 years before the word mechatronics was introduced!), when the Department of Precision Mechanics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology became the Department of Precision Mechanics, combining the fields of precision mechanics and electronics. The development of the Faculty, aimed at strengthening interdisciplinarity, led to the decision to change its name to the Faculty of Mechatronics in the academic year 1995/96. More…