Second degree studies (tutor studies)

Second degree studies are supplementary studies for people with at least a BEng diploma. This offer contains stationary studies in Polish, studies in English and remote studies (OKNO).

studia II stopnia

The MEng studies prepare the student for creative participation in and heading of teams preparing implementations of advanced mechatronics systems in research and development institutions and industrial complexes. Upon graduation, these studies enable one to sign up for purely engineering jobs but also to take up jobs in R&D facilities, supervisory positions or work in R&D units, including PhD papers as a part of our PhD School PhD School


Stationary studies in Polish

Stationary studies in Polish are conducted on daily basis, their duration is 1.5 years and they are conducted at the following study courses:

  • Mechatronics; 
  • Automatics, Robotics and Industrial IT;
  • Biomedical Engineering. 

These studies are based on our tutor system. The students take up a common number of general subjects and specialist classes selected over the course of an individualized education path. An individual studies plan is adjusted to the interests of a student, it is executed under the supervision of a tutor over its entire course. In practice it means that the student selects the studies, the tutor and the specialist classes to be studied. The tutor advises on developing and progressing in the selected education plan. The cooperation of a student and a tutor leads to diploma paper defense on a subject the student has become a specialist in. 

 Recruitment for the MEng studies


Tutor approach

The tutor approach to studies in based on three main pillars: 

  • individual work of a student with the tutor, during which the tutor identities the student’s potential, delineates his or her education path and monitors its progress
  • an individual path of education for each student, enabling him or her to make the studies flexible as a result of an individual selection of a majority of subjects from the available faculty pool
  • engagement in research and development works undertaken at the Faculty of Mechatronics or in cooperating companies. This enables early start of scientific work and increases the potential of the student in the eyes of the prospective employeer.

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Graduates of tutor studies are prepared to creatively participate in and lead teams preparing implementations of advanced mechatronic systems in research and development centers and industrial enterprises. They are able to work effectively in managerial positions in industry.