The Automatics and Robotics Institute

The Automatics and Robotics Institute conducts research activity covering automatisation of continuous and discrete industrial processes, mobile and industrial robotics, industrial processes and mechatronic systems diagnostics and biomedical engineering.

Its didactic activity covers education in basic automatics and robotics topics, as well as programming basics over the course of all fields of study provided by the Faculty of Mechatronics. Moreover, the Institute features three first-degree studies: Automatics, Robotics and Industrial IT, as well as within the tutor system-based graduate studies at “Automatics, Robotics and Industrial IT” (former “Automatics and Robotics”).

The Automatics and Robotics Institute cooperates with industry and numerous technical organisations and institutes. Some of the typical forms of this cooperation are as follows: execution of requested research and projects, engaging industry experts to execute selected courses and the participation of the Institute employees in councils and committees.


Institute Structure:

  • Institute of Automatics and Industrial Processes Diagnostics
  • Institute of Executive Devices for Automatics and Robotics
  • Workshop of Mechanics and Fluids Contamination
  • Workshop of Machines Research Diagnostics and Automatisation
  • Workshop of Geometric Modelling