Decrees of the Rector


  • 22/20234 zarządzenie w sprawie szkoleń z zakresu bezpiecznych i higienicznych warunków kształcenia studentów oraz uczestników studiów podyplomowych Politechniki Warszawskiej- link


  • 7/2023 decree of the Rector dated February 16th 2023 on filing and service of letters in the course of administrative proceedings concerning removal from the list of students - link


  • 1/2021 decree of the Rector dated July 1st, 2021, as threats from COVID-19 proliferation diminish - link
  • 2/2021 decree of the Rector dated September 7th, 2021 on the forthcoming beginning of the academic year 2021/2022 - link
  • 6/2021 Decree of the Rector, dated 27/01/2021 on conducting didactic courses between 20.02.2020 and 16.06.2021 -  link


  • 100/2020 decree of the Rector, dated September 29th, 2020, on the rules of verifying the achieved effects of studies at the first and second degree studies, as well as the unified MA studies under the remote education mode  - link
  • 120/2020 decree of the Rector, dated October 21st, 2020, on calling, notifying and the presence of state services responsible for maintaining order and internal safety at the premises of Warsaw University of Technology - link